Our Road Story

Our Road Story

Our journey started in 1987; With the sense of responsibility we have today, we continue with development-oriented investments and activities in cooperation with all our stakeholders in order to contribute to the Turkish economy.


The first step was taken when Ahmet Eren gave the responsibility of establishing EREN METAL to Ziya Eren in a 35 m² shop to do sheet metal work in Kayseri.


Since the source of the raw material is in Istanbul, reliable relations were established by increasing the number of trips to Istanbul to take the right commercial steps. Import-oriented partnerships were developed.


With the strong relations established in Eastern Europe, the first import was made from Ukraine.


It was decided to make production and a place was bought for the first time in the Organized Industry. The first cut-to-length line was taken and large-volume trade was accelerated.


The company structure grew and imports developed.


The sheet metal business was insisted and accordingly, KMC Ltd. Şti. was established, which was a great breakthrough. Human resources activities were strengthened by increasing the number of company employees. With 2 cut-to-length lines and 1 forklift purchased from the Netherlands, a step was taken to become one of the first steel service centers to serve large industrial customers in Kayseri.


With the predictions of the 2001 crisis, 68,000 tons of materials were purchased and the stock amount was strengthened. With the positive feedback created by this move, almost every company in need of sheet metal in Türkiye started to cross paths with KMC.


Since the center of the operation is Ereğli and Istanbul, it has come to a point that it cannot fit into Kayseri and the facility where the GEBZE facilities are today was purchased and the facility was put into practice. Horizontal growth was initiated by incorporating MGE company into KMC. The place where the MGE company is currently located in Dilovası was purchased. With the increase in employment, exports began to grow and develop. The modern length cutting and slitting machines required by the period were purchased and the machinery parkour that will provide superiority over the competitors was established this year.


The foundations of being the only company in Türkiye with such a wide range of products were established. By changing the horizon and vision of KMC, the customer profile and accordingly the product range changed and developed. It became the sheet metal market of Türkiye with a rapid acceleration by introducing galvanization, sheet and hot rolled coils.


It has become a company with an annual sales capacity of 600,000 tons. One of the important milestones that brought the company to its current position, the ERP system, which is the first stock, sales, delivery (operation) program completely exclusive to KMC, was created.


The national and international customer network continued to develop rapidly and sales capacity continued to increase.


TUT KELEPÇE / ER-Bİ waspurchased.


Continuing the horizontal growth, MEKO Metal was purchased.


By making large-scale investments in MEKO Metal's current facilities, the foundations of its current position were established.


A partnership was established with GÖKTAŞ, with whom we had good relations for a long time. GÖKTAŞ company joined KMC Group.


ZEREN GYO was established by continuing the investments without interruption. The experience provided by Ziya Eren's Kayseri Erciyes Sports Presidency was continued by purchasing the Crawley Town FC team in England.


Hotel investments were initiated and Wyndham Çerkezköy Hotel was started into service.


Existing companies were gathered under the umbrella of KMC GROUP to create a more corporate structure.


The principle of being a lead and reliable in technology and acting in long-term cooperation with all stakeholders has been adopted as a corporate culture.


All kinds of investment and development plans continue to be implemented in order to make a high contribution to the Turkish economy.