Our focus is always on people first. We believe in growing and developing together.

As KMCSSC Human Resources; We have created a group synergy by combining the understanding of quality service and customer-oriented approach with innovative thinking with our more than 800 employees.

Recruitment Policy

In our recruitment processes; We act with the principle of employing human resources that are constantly developing, open to change, creative, customer-oriented, have the technical knowledge and competencies required by the position and combine with KMCSSC values.

 Among our priority criteria; commitment, being able to produce innovative ideas, being productive in an intense work tempo and establishing strong communication. We believe that we are increasing our success rate day by day with our long-term employees. Candidates who want to join the KMC team should send their CVs to


In accordance with the principle of continuous development, which is one of our most important company values; We provide various training opportunities to our employees in order to contribute to their competencies by preparing them for increasing competitive conditions. As KMCSSC Human Resources, it is one of our aims to support the personal and professional development of our employees.

Orientation Education
For our newly recruited employees, we implement them with the aim of accelerating their adaptation process; It is a training that provides information about company culture, management style, organizational structure, etc.

Vocational Education
These are vocational and technical education programs aimed at increasing the knowledge and skill levels that our employees need while fulfilling their responsibilities in their job descriptions.

Personal Development Education
These are education programs that aim to improve the personal competence levels of our employees. We plan our personal education programs on an annual basis based on the results of the "Education Needs Analysis" study and we implement them with the support of our internal or external experts when needed.

Online Education Platform
Our online education platform, which offers our employees the opportunity to improve themselves regardless of time and place, has been developed with the aim of disseminating our education with a continuous education approach.

KMC Academy

As KMC Academy, we aim to increase our productivity by producing programs that are constantly renewed and developed in our academy, which was established specifically for our employees with high potential.

Operator Training Program
With the "Operator Development Program" which we have created for our field employees, we train operators who are experts in their areas and have multi-talent skills, who will carry the KMC brand to the future.

Development Program for Office Employees
With this new development program that we will establish, we aim to offer different career opportunities to our teammates by providing rotation and promotion opportunities among KMC Group companies.

Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) Program
With our Kaizen program, we are able to make productivity and improvement continuous. For example, individual Kaizen suggestions from our field employees simplify our processes, so we eliminate waste. We minimize the risks of occupational accidents, increase equipment efficiency, improve our product quality and work without harming the environment.

Within Kobetsu Kaizen studies carried out by our office employees, we minimize our losses with the synergy created by different department members.

Internship Program
We evaluate the internship applications of students who want to do an internship in our company, provided that it is limited to the compulsory internship programs of universities and winter internship programs of vocational high schools. Candidates who want to apply for an internship should send their CVs to

Our Social Activities
We organize various events periodically in order to increase motivation among KMC Group employees. Our aim is to increase the synergy between our teams.