Global Operation

Global Operation

Our global operations team primarily works with the principle of delivering all orders from our customers on time and under the most favorable conditions.With Türkiye’s geographical location advantage, our experienced team, our container loading and bulk ship loading options at our warehouse and port, we respond to the demands of our customers in the fastest way possible. We offer a wide range of products such as magnelis, alusi, aluzinc, cold rolled,hot rolled, galvanized, HR Pickled and oiled, HR Chequered (Teardrop, Diamond), pre-painted (PPGI)  in our stocks and we take our customers one step ahead in the supply race.We are able to provide local sales services through our experienced and professional wide network of representatives and overseas offices located in various parts of the world. We have been in long-term, regular purchasing-based solution partnerships with our export customers for more than 15 years. We work with companies that are the leaders of their sector. With our strong financing, we are able to offer flexible payment terms.

Operation Processes

Our operation process consists of order request, quick response and price offer, sales contract, delivery of products and after-sales support and services. Our sales team provides detailed information about stocks in all KMC Group companies and responds to incoming proposal requests within twenty-four hours. Order requests from our customers are processed by our system. Order receipt confirmation is sent to our customer. The average delivery time is also communicated to our customers during the processing of their orders. By signing a sales contract for the approved orders of our customers, we deliver the desired products in the fastest way possible. Packaging quality, which is the first and most important step of this stage, is extremely important for our company.

In our exports, we pack all products, including our hot products, carefully and with maximum quality.Our planning team analyzes the logistics infrastructure necessary for rapid supply to our customers after packaging and we provide our customers with the fastest and most appropriate delivery within this plan. In addition, with our production and strong storage facilities in an area of 100 thousand square meters in Gebze, we also offer our customers the opportunity to immediately deliver from stock throughout the year. We improve our services by conducting satisfaction-measuring interviews with our customers for active feedback on the products we deliver after sales.

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