Delivery Process

Delivery Process

As KMCSSC;We are sizing 350,000 tons of steel per year with our staff who are experts in the areas of high flat carbon steel stocking and converting our existing stocks into products such as cold, hot, sheet, galvanized, painted galvanized, alusi, aluzinc, length cutting and slitting.

With all our steel lines and our service quality, we meet the steel needs of more than 2,500 customers in many sectors such as white goods, automotive, defense industry, construction and building industry, ships, metal goods, pipes, construction equipment, food and beverage.

We provide cut-to-length service in desired dimensions between 0.18 – 16.00 mm thickness with our 3 pieces of cut-to-length and 1 piece of multicut machine. With the hydraulic and mechanical precision straightening systems (ironing) in our machines, we can cut to length with minimum wave tolerance. With the air-assisted automatic packaging system in our Alcos Cold Cut to Length and Slitting line, the surfaces of the materials are prevented from being scratched while they are being packed.


It is one of our company principles to deliver our work on time and under the most suitable conditions in line with the needs of our customers. Packaging quality, which is the most important step for a complete and correct delivery, is extremely important for our company. In our exports, we pack all products, including our hot products, carefully and with maximum quality.

We are one of the few companies that make packaging including hot rolled products. We provide protected and special packaging for all products such as Galvanized, Painted, Cold, Magnelis, except for hot, without any extra charge to our customers. Our quality difference in packaging sets us apart from our competitors by maximizing customer satisfaction.


We do our container loadings at our own site. We know the responsibility and importance of being the last person to close the container hatch. In order for the materials to reach our customers safely, we carry out processes such as "lashing" and moisture paper without charge, if needed. We load an average of 90 containers/trucks per week. With our experienced business partners, we are one of the companies that pay attention to competitive, reliable and timely loading on sea, land and railway.