As KMCSSC; We are sizing 350,000 tons of steel per year with our staff who are experts in the areas of high flat carbon steel stocking and converting our existing stocks into products such as cold, hot, sheet, galvanized, painted galvanized, alusi, aluzinc, length cutting and slitting.

With all our steel lines and our service quality, we meet the steel needs of more than 2,500 customers in many sectors such as white goods, automotive, defense industry, construction and building industry, ships, metal goods, pipes, construction equipment, food and beverage.

We provide cut-to-length service in desired dimensions between 0.18 – 16.00 mm thickness with our 3 pieces of cut-to-length and 1 piece of multicut machine. With the hydraulic and mechanical precision straightening systems (ironing) in our machines, we can cut to length with minimum wave tolerance. With the air-assisted automatic packaging system in our Alcos Cold Cut to Length and Slitting line, the surfaces of the materials are prevented from being scratched while they are being packed.

We are in the 402nd place in Fortune Magazine's list of Türkiye’s top 500 companies.Our company, which showed a growth of 18.7% in 2021, achieved a great success and entered the list of Fortune Magazine.

With our quality system, which aims to meet customer expectations and make employees happy, we, as KMCSSC, have all the necessary properties to export to every part of the world. The properties that make us stand out in the services we offer to our customers;

• Our variety of types and quality that we provide in hot, acidic, cold, galvanized product groups.

• Our steel production with high spinning capability such as DD14, DC04, DC05, DX54, DX56.

• Our "EK" group steel stock and production suitable for enamel coating in the cold product group.

• Our stock and production of low-alloyed, high-strength “MC” group steel. MC group steels; It has high strength, good formability and good weldability.

• Our stock and production of “alusi” from aluminum coated steels. Alusi; It is a special steel that is resistant to high temperatures, has usage areas such as exhaust, industrial furnaces and accessories.

• We are one of the largest suppliers of innovative products such as magnelis, the most important property of which is high corrosion resistance.

KMCSSC, which looks to the future with confidence by continuing its investments in information and technology; continues to raise the needs of the sector to a higher level day by day and to meet the expectations of its customers with an understanding of "perfectionism"