Trapeze Line

Trapeze Line

As KMCSSC; We are sizing 350,000 tons of steel per year with our staff who are experts in the areas of high flat carbon steel stocking and converting our existing stocks into products such as cold, hot, sheet, galvanized, painted galvanized, alusi, aluzinc, length cutting and slitting.

With all our steel lines and our service quality, we meet the steel needs of more than 2,500 customers in many sectors such as white goods, automotive, defense industry, construction and building industry, ships, metal goods, pipes, construction equipment, food and beverage.

We provide cut-to-length service in desired dimensions between 0.18 – 16.00 mm thickness with our 3 pieces of cut-to-length and 1 piece of multicut machine. With the hydraulic and mechanical precision straightening systems (ironing) in our machines, we can cut to length with minimum wave tolerance. With the air-assisted automatic packaging system in our Alcos Cold Cut to Length and Slitting line, the surfaces of the materials are prevented from being scratched while they are being packed.

Production Properties

Min - Max Thickness

: 0,27 mm - 0,90 mm

Max Width

: 1250 mm

Max Roll Weight

: 12 ton