Chairperson Of The Board

Chairperson Of The Board

As KMC Group, the foundations of which we established in 1987; We are one of the important players in the iron and steel industry, which is the locomotive of the Turkish economy. With this awareness and responsibility, we are always trying to take steps that will go further.

Since the day we were established, we have continuously increased our investments with businesses that will add value to the Turkish economy and we have managed to become a large group company with 5 different iron and steel companies working in synergy with each other, which are experts in the area of flat steel conversion and production. 350 thousand tons of steel that we process every year in all our centers; We meet thousands of customers in more than 80 countries around the world. Our KMC Steel Service Gebze Steel Center, a KMC Group company, is one of the largest steel stock centers in Türkiye.

We work for a strong, sustainable future together with our stakeholders and our team, in cooperation with all sectors involving steel, from white goods to automotive, defense industry, construction and building industry, even ship, metal goods, food and beverage industry.

We don't just produce steel. In the past 10 years; We have had important social responsibility projects that we have implemented, including many schools, research centers, technical and education departments of universities. In addition, we will continue to add value to life and our people with new projects such as the library and retirement home that we plan.

Our nearly forty-year adventure in the iron and steel industry has shown us that our ever-increasing experience, our innovative stance, our close follow-up of advanced technologies, our continuous investment in growth and development and the importance we attach to human resources and our stakeholders will carry us to the future.

Ziya Eren

KMC SSC Chairperson Of The Board