Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

We are always aware that our responsibilities on behalf of our geography and country have increased. We are working hard to fulfill our responsibilities. With this awareness, we have had important social responsibility projects, including many schools, research centers, technical and education departments of universities. In addition, we will continue to serve science and technology by adding value to life and our people with new projects such as the library and retirement home that we plan.

Our students, who successfully graduate from Ahmet Eren Anatolian High School every year, take important steps in their career journeys with the education they receive and are on the way to becoming beneficial individuals for society. Erciyes University Ziya Eren Faculty of Education; continues to add hundreds of educators who will raise future generations well. We are proud of the existence of an academic center like Genkök in the land where we were born and to be a part of it. At Genkök, Genome and Stem Cell Center, stem cell transplantation was performed on 1,500 patients in 8 years. 170 students were given master and doctorate education. In the center, which hosts 400 different research projects, stem cells were produced for 74 patients during the pandemic process. In addition, we are proud to construct the "Design Oriented Prototype Development Center" building established in Gebze Technical University Technopark.

Within the protocol we have signed regarding "Vocational Qualifications Institution Incentives", we support the masters working in the following dangerous and very dangerous professions to obtain (MYK) Vocational Qualification Certificate.

• 11UY0016-4 Welding Operator
• 11UY0010-3 Steel Welder
• 15UY0227-3 Turner
• 14UY0202-3 NC/CNC Machine Worker
• 12UY0081-3 Milling Cutter Operator

Our company aims education of masters who will be educated in the above-mentioned branches by expert masters in order to carry out the certification activities that will have national and international validity and accordingly increase the quality of machinery and metalworking in our country, to protect brand value, to minimize customer complaints, costs due to workmanship faults and to increase competitiveness.

With this project, which is an important social responsibility for us, we take care to provide all the support we can so that the masters working in the machinery and metal sector can obtain the “MYK” certificate independently and impartially.

For detailed information on the subject, you can use the links below and apply from the application addresses.